We are a most excellent health platform, we only take the highest end of the line, we are the industry of Hermes, are the fighter of rooster . YOU SPA health platform commitment: website technicians are real life photos and short videos of life, photos and videos and the same per capita, individual technicians I am more excellent than the photos, such as fake is willing to assume all responsibility, compensation for losses. SPA service first-class, professional massage techniques, advanced health concept, unique maintenance methods; We will strive to create a new era of global health platform!

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No.433,In guangzhou,grade:1.6k, 19 168 48 from Sichuan
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你好 我是 空青 18 165 50 来自美丽的四川 本恩真诚做人,本分做事,性格耿直,干脆直接,将心比心, 说的好,不如做的好,你花钱也是为了舒服,满意开心。 我从来不敷衍任何人,我个人觉得做什么职业不重要,信誉第一,品德第一,拒绝虚假照片。 服务项目 正规按摩推油,皮肤干净 白泽光滑,身材性感,安全放心,你花钱是为了开心快乐,我收费 目的就是让你高兴而来,满意而归,外地先打来回机票, 让你一次就忘不了我的服务,希望能够遇到真诚的你。 Hello, I am Kong Qing 18 165 50 from the beautiful Sichuan Benn sincere life, responsibility, integrity, straightforward, heart to heart, say better than do well, you spend money is also for comfort, satisfaction and happiness. I never perfunctory to anyone, I personally feel that it is not important to do what profession, reputation first, moral first, refuse false photos. The service items are regular massage and oil pushing, clean skin, white and smooth, sexy figure, safe and secure. You spend money for happiness and happiness. The purpose of my fee is to make you happy and happy, and return home. First, you call back and forth tickets from other places, so that you can not forget my service once. I hope to meet you sincerely.
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QQ: 2593644365
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